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Ugandan Launches $3.8 Million E-Government Platform

The National Information Technology Authority (NITA) Uganda recently launched UGHub, which will serve as an application and data integration platform (“Platform”). The Platform cost about $3.8 million (about UGX13.5 billion) and was developed with the help of the World Bank’s Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (RCIP).

Through the Platform, NITA Uganda aims to provide government services to citizens without requiring them to attend government offices. Citizens of Uganda would be able to access Immigration, National ID, Driving Permits, KCCA, and URA, and other e-services that would be available on UGHub. 

As part of a pilot program, more than 13 government systems and apps have been integrated into UGHub. According to the commissioner of the ICT Ministry, Mr. Julius Torach, the long-term goal of the UGhub platform is to enable, safeguard, and facilitate data sharing across government systems. With this new development, it appears the government of Uganda is committed to improving services through the use of technology.

According to PC Tech, Dr. Hatwib Mugasa, NITA Uganda Executive Director, while addressing journalists at the launch of the platform at NITA Uganda head offices said, “UGHub aims to unlock efficiency across Government MDAs leading to better service delivery for citizens. There will be no more need for a citizen to fill out multiple documents just to get a government service or make multiple visits to an office to follow up a service request. NITA Uganda aims to have citizens receive government services without necessarily having physical contact with government offices, and therefore UGHub is a clear manifestation of that goal,” Mugasa explained.

As far as security is concerned, the UGhub is also said to be an encrypted data sharing route. 

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