Quickteller Business Unveils Smart PoS

The Point of Sale (PoS) machine, which was initially introduced as a device to serve the unbanked and local residents with low financial literacy as well as inadequate and inefficient technology-based facilities for financial inclusion, has since moved on to serve an even wider audience of financial literates in urban cities. Africa’s leading payment platform, Quickteller Business, powered by Interswitch, has introduced Smart PoS terminals, which will enable Small and Medium Business Enterprises (SMEs) and merchants in Africa to accept payments seamlessly and better manage their transactions.

This innovation is a step-up from traditional PoS devices used to serve mostly local residents with simple and non-sophisticated services, as this device combines the functionality of a smartphone with a payment device in one easy package. According to a blog post by Interswitch, the Smart PoS device is powered by Android Operating System and equipped with a high-voltage battery for long-lasting performance. The device has been integrated with software that enables users to carry out multiple functions as well as accept a wide range of payments, including cards, electronic transfers, QR codes, Verve Paycode, and USSD.

The cutting-edge features on the smart device allow businesses to accept all major international cards, access business reporting tools, online and in-store storefronts, manage transaction disputes on their devices and enjoy uninterrupted network availability. The combined use of the intelligent payment tool and the Quickteller Business platform saves time for business owners and allows them to focus on growing revenue while delivering exceptional service to their customers.

Hear from Interswitch

Photo Credit: Interswitch

Olawale Akanbi, the Group Head, Growth Marketing, Merchants and Ecosystems at Interswitch Group, described the Smart PoS as an intelligent business infrastructure that serves as a backbone for enterprises, equipping them with tools for market expansion.

He said, “Our commitment to enabling businesses to remain competitive in the market inspired the introduction of Smart POS terminals that offer more features than before. The terminal is an all-in-one solution for business owners to enjoy the luxury of safe, easy, and fast sales.

“As digital payments accelerate, we will continue to help enterprises better navigate the challenges around payments, inventory, ​ sales records, ​ and other day-to-day business operations.”

Akanbi reiterated Quickteller Business’ commitment to enabling businesses to scale their services across Africa using the right technology that offers unified payment and business analytics.

Interswitch has shown to be a leader in payments technology in Africa, through its dedication to developing world-class technology to make payments faster, safer, and more dependable, and this launch of Smart PoS for Quickteller Business users provides opportunities for small businesses to experience fast and easy payment coupled with financial tools on one device only.

Merchants – existing and new, can benefit from Interswitch’s game-changing payment device by signing up for their Smart PoS device here.

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