Netflix Launches Free Mobile Plan in Kenya

What a great time to be Kenyan! 

Netflix announced that it has launched a free mobile package in Kenya. The popular streaming platform is eyeing the East African country, which has over 20 million internet subscribers. According to Netflix, the new plan would be available to anyone over the age of 18 who has a Smartphone. Guess what? This package is advert-free too. Amazing right?!

Netflix, through a spokesperson, told Reuters that it is making about one-quarter of its movies and television shows catalog available to users in the free plan in the East African nation. The non-paying Netflix subscribers in Kenya, will not be counted in the paid total the company reports each quarter. The free plan in Kenya is broader and will look similar to paid Netflix profiles to give viewers a feel for the service, but shows that are not included in the free plan will be marked with a lock icon. 

Users in the East African country will have access to enjoy movies like Blood & WaterBridgertonArmy of the Dead amongst others. With its first fully produced African series, Queen Sono, launching last year, Netflix has been investing in African original programming. Netflix currently has the most subscribers on the continent, and it is predicted to maintain that position through 2026. The company now has over 209 million subscribers, but just 1.5 million are net paying subscribers.

Netflix hopes that this gesture is a great way for Kenyans to experience Netflix and if Kenyans like what they see, it’s easy to upgrade to one of Netflix’s paid plans so they can enjoy Netflix’s full catalogue on TV or laptop as well.

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