Airtel Partners with World Remit to Help Kenyans Send Money for Free

Users of Airtel Money in Kenya can now receive money from 29 countries, without extra charges. Talk about a sweet deal!

How is Airtel Money able to achieve this? Well, Airtel partnered with Zeps, formerly known as World Remit, to bring this package to Kenyans. For the parties, it appears the goal is to bring about more financial inclusion in the region. We also think that this move would ensure more people opt for Airtel Money, and there is definitely a commercial growth aspect to it. Let’s just call it CSR meets commercial strategy.

Partnerships aimed at financial inclusions aren’t new to Zeps. In June 2018, Zeps partnered with First Bank, Nigeria to allow its customers across the world to send money to First Bank accounts directly from their phones. Then a few months later, it launched its first full-on inter-African money transfer service in 40 countries, with a roll-out target in East Africa markets including Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Airtel Kenya Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma said “Our partnership with World Remit underpins the growth we are witnessing in this market. The volume of transactions and the number of new registered customers to Airtel Money continues to grow.” Airtel Kenya Managing Director, Prasanta Das Sarma said. “Through this partnership, our customers are assured of seamless services across the globe, without fear of costs.

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