Netflix Introduces Free Plan in Vietnam

Netflix has announced the launch of a free plan in Vietnam, which will allow anyone with an Android phone in the country to watch from the streaming platform for free, without ads. This generous offer by the streaming platform is coming weeks after a similar offer was made in Kenya. Vietnam is currently the only country in Asia where Netflix is offering the free plan.

According to the company, if the shows and features on the free plan appeal to the viewers, they will have the option to join the paid membership plan, which will grant them access to the comprehensive catalogue, more features, and the option to enjoy Netflix on TV or laptop.

Hear from Netflix

In a statement by Cathy Conk, Director, Product Innovation, “When Squid Game was released, it immediately became the most popular series among our members in Vietnam. The same thing happened with the launch of Money Heist: Part 5 Vol. 1. and also when Emily in Paris debuted last year.”

What this tells us is that great stories from around the world — be it the suspense and human drama of Squid Game, or the romance and comedy of young Emily in Paris — are bringing tremendous joy to fans of entertainment in the country. 

That is why, starting today, we are introducing something new: A Free plan that will let anyone with an Android phone in Vietnam enjoy Netflix for free, without any ads. Vietnam is the only country in Asia where we are trying this at the moment, and the second one to experience the Free Plan, after Kenya.

This free plan is available to users of 18 or over, and Netflix has also made available the parental control feature. Users in Vietnam will enjoy features that are open to existing subscribers in other countries such as bespoke movie recommendations, creating up to five profiles (including kids’), add shows and movies to ‘My List’ to watch later. Movies such as films like Squid Game, The Witcher, Money Heist, and Kingdom are available on the free plan. 

According to the statement by Netflix, the download feature will also be made available in the free plan in the coming months to enable users to watch their favourite Netflix shows while in transit or even without an Internet connection.

This free plan is a great incentive to get more Vietnamese to subscribe to the streaming platform. At this moment, users might be wondering what country is next to benefit from Netflix’s free plan? Contrivers Buzz is always on the lookout to keep you updated on these free plans.

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