Togolese Post Office Launches Payment Application

The Togolese Post Office – Société des Postes du Togo (La Poste), has launched a mobile application called the E-poste. This service is available to customers with a post office account with La Poste and allows them to manage their financial operations without wasting time at the counter of the post offices. 

The application offers mobile banking, bill payment, university fee payment, and bus booking services. The launch of the E-poste is coming a few days after the launch of PostMoney Centre and digital money order service by Zimpost for financial transactions. 

The E-poste, which has already been adopted by some customers during its test period, offers diversified functionalities ranging from account-to-account or account-to-cash transfers to payment of water and electricity bills, including contributions to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), taxes from the Togolese Revenue Office (OTR) and student tuition fees.

Hear from Togolese Post Office

Services are instantly available, such as the generation of the amortization schedule or a bank identity statement or the consultation of the balance.

Other products and services of the Post Office such as the payment of the post office box fee and the purchase of a “LE COURRIER” transport ticket can also be used through this application.

For the General Manager of the Société des Postes du Togo: ” E-poste is only one link in the chain of digitalized services already offered or to come from La Poste

According to Inclusion TimesE-poste’s launch – while being a significant milestone in the post office’s digital transformation – is not the State company’s first move in this direction. Indeed, it previously launched E-colis, Assiyeyeme (an e-commerce website), and Postraker (an app that tracks package deliveries). These efforts, according to experts, should improve financial inclusion in Togo.

The mobile application is available for download on Google Play Store and the App Store. Once the application has been downloaded, customers are to register and link their La Poste account(s). At the time of this report, the application has recorded about 5k downloads on Google Play Store.

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