Flutterwave Acquires Digital Creator Platform Disha

Flutterwave, one of Africa’s leading digital payment platform, recently announced its acquisition of Disha, a platform that enables digital creators to curate, sell digital content, portfolios and receive payments from their audience worldwide. 

According to Flutterwave, this acquisition aims to improve the process of digital content creation for Disha users, enabling them to earn value for their creativity using the platform’s new payouts and collections solution. With this acquisition, users of Disha can now make transactions from over 34 countries and in over 150 currencies.

Hear from Disha and Flutterwave

Disha announced saying that “We are excited that we are joining the @Flutterwave family! You can now flourish as a creator on Disha with the added bonus of getting paid for your work.”

In a recent tweet by Flutterwave, they said ‘The creator economy is rapidly growing & today, it’s worth over $100bn. Our acquisition of @getdisha comes from our belief that creators deserve easy-to-use innovative tools that help them earn from their craft. Now you can #EarnWithDisha.”

The CEO of Flutterwave, Mr. Olugbenga Agboola tweeted saying “I’m really excited by the growth of our creators/freelancers. I’m even happier that @getdisha is joining the @theflutterwave family. Creating endless possibilities for creators/freelancers to showcase their talent globally & get paid for it is going to be everything! — GB 

“I believe this acquisition will bring about only positive changes. With increased resources, expertise, and customer service, Flutterwave will certainly make Disha stronger and more competitive in the market.” Evans Akanno, Co-founder and Former CEO of Disha said. 

About Disha

Disha is a platform that enables digital creators to curate, sell digital content, portfolios and receive payments from their audience worldwide with over 20,000 users on its platforms.

It should be recalled that earlier in February this year, Disha had tweeted about their plans to shut down operations due to shortfalls with the platform’s vision and other misalignments which they were unable to resolve at the time.

The acquisition by Flutterwave will improve content creation by Disha users and also ensure that they get paid for using the platform, and payments of digital content creators on Disha will be done through Flutterwave’s new payout and collections solutions.


According to Nairametrics, there has been an increasing appetite to create, own, sell or share digital experiences such as NFTs lately, and Disha is well-positioned to facilitate transactions around owning and selling these digital experiences as most of its customers are based in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.

Riding on this, Flutterwave is hoping to leverage this opportunity to explore into the NFT space where more than $10 billion was spent in just the third quarter.

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