Egypt Introduces Cloud Computing Services and Adopts a Regulatory Framework for Establishing Data Centres

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) confirmed in a Press Release that Egypt is introducing cloud computing services and has adopted a regulatory framework for establishing data centres.

Before issuing the framework, NTRA reported that it took some time to study and examine the best global models and practices on establishing data centres and introducing cloud computing services. NTRA also reported that it held several meetings with local and global companies specializing in this field to find the optimum regulatory policies adopted in global markets and complying with the Egyptian market standards.

NTRA notes that the regulation would strengthen the country’s position as a hub connecting Africa and the Middle East to Europe, support digital transformation, attract and boost investments, creating job opportunities, leverage Egypt’s distinguished geographic location, and reinforce the country’s strategic standing as a regional and global focal point for data traffic, thus making of Egypt a promising market for the ever-growing data centre industry.

Furthermore, the framework will support Egypt’s plan for achieving the digital transformation and rendering electronic services to citizens. This can be achieved with data centre applications, which will help people conduct electronic transactions seamlessly through facilitating access to the content hosted in data centres across Egypt.

The NTRA was established pursuant to Telecommunication Regulation Law No. 10 of 2003. The NTRA is the national authority in charge of regulating the telecommunications sector through executing the established policies for the development and dissemination of various telecommunications services.

To view the highlights of the regulatory framework for establishing and operating data centres and providing hosting and cloud computing services, click here.

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