The Numbers from the Dalberg Survey are Doing all the Talking

No, this is not a survey report from the last episode of Family Feud but a recent survey carried out by a research and consulting firm, Dalberg, and funded by entrepreneur investment firm – Omidyar Network. This survey utilized data from over 2,000 Kenyan households (Dalberg Survey).

Here are key findings from the Dalberg Survey

  • 94% of Kenyans use mobile money and 27% use e-governance services. 45% anticipate that the Huduma Namba (A National Integrated Identity Management System) will improve access to and usage of digital services.
  • 40% of e-commerce platform users reported challenges in receiving deliveries due to a lack of a precise street addresses and logistics complications.
  • Many Kenyans are concerned about digital fraud and 30% report they have experienced it. 71% of small business owners and self-employed people say concerns about digital fraud limit their usage of digital services for business. 
  • The study reveals that access to hands-on support is critical in helping Kenyans deepen their use of some digital services. 81% of e-governance users have used Huduma Namba Centers for support.
  • 85% of rural residents with lower than primary education, 45% people with disabilities, 44% of older people, and 37% of adult farmers/ homemakers use only basic digital services or no digital services at all.
  • 5% of women are advanced digital services users, compared to 54% of men. 

“As Kenya progresses on its digital transformation journey, a critical next step will be to continue investments in enabling resources to deepen Kenyans’ engagement with e-commerce and the use of advanced digital services,” stated the report. “Enabling resources such as mobile money, digital identity systems, national addressing systems, and asset registries play a substantial role in accelerating digital innovation and deepening the adoption of advanced digital services.

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